A trained artist herself with a BA in Fine Art, Chris Tugeau has been a pioneer in the children's illustration industry for over 25 years. Since opening her own agency in 1994, Chris has enjoyed representing many talented artists, and has been an active part of the illustration community; writing and presenting for SCBWI regions around the country. She is also the author of SCBWI Illustrator Guidelines. A veteran artist and rep, Chris is an advocate for ethical fairness and the bright future of children's publishing. She's also a mother of 3, a grandmother to 8, and best friend to husband, Bill.

Daughter, Christy T. Ewers, has been rooted in the children's literature industry since Chris started the agency in 1994, and joined as an agent in 2013. Although Christy is not an artist herself, art has been a huge part of her life and career, even before joining the agency. With a degree in English/Journalism and over a decade of experience in various creative fields, Christy offers a different perspective to the agency, while maintaining the enthusiasm and love that her mother brings to the industry. She works closely with the entire “family” of artists, spearheading the promotion and deals for CAT Agency illustrators, as well as working alongside the authors in the group to help craft their stories and hone their writing for young readers.

Aside from writing, her interests include running long distances, seaside escapes, very hot coffee and pitbulls. Christy is - hilariously enough - a dog person.

Her husband, Chris Ewers, is an artist, too, as a talented cinematographer and film-maker (www.christopherewers.com). They have 2 little ones, Billie & Finnegan, who are The CAT Agency's resident experts and critics. Billie has over 6 years of experience in the world, and is a fan of everything and anything “unicorn”. A age 3, Finn boasts incredible knowledge of CREEPY PAIR OF UNDERWEAR, which he can now practically recite. Billie currently enjoys using every marker in the box, while Finn uses the color red. And only the color red.