Presenting:  h o l l y  H A T A M

Holly has been an artist since she could first hold a pencil. She would hold art gallery openings featuring her work in her tiny bedroom and charge her parents and brother an admission price of $0.25 to attend.

Today she is an illustrator and graphic designer who illustrates in a whimsical and quirky style. She loves to combine line drawings, photography and texture to create endearing illustrations that burst to life with personality and emotion.

Holly has a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design and Fine Arts. She has an extensive knowledge of working in a variety of different computer programs as well as working with art directors, designers and other creative gurus. 

Holly is also the owner and designer of TearDrop Paperie, where she designs and sells cheeky paper products for weddings and baby.

Holly's other passions include spending time hugging trees, filling up her pantry with tea and sticking her nose in a book.